Have you ever heard about BigQuery?

BigQuery, the flagship for data warehousing product made by Google, and IronHacks can teach you how to query with notebooks effectively.

What is IronHacks?

IronHacks offers you the unique experience to do so in a no-code setup to ensure that IronHackers can jump right in. The IronHacks platform affords individuals seeking to learn and code in Python the unique opportunity to learn and produce valuable work as they go with a chance to be rewarded.

Benefits of learning and contributing with IronHacks:

  • immersive tutorials on real-world toolsets used by data scientists
  • granular, actual data used to inform policymakers
  • a dedicated team ensuring to answer any platform questions you might have as you go
  • a No-code setup and workspace
  • The 2021 COVID-19 Data Science Challenge
    • a chance to make a difference and inform policymakers!

Our tutorials curated by the IronHacks team are set to help you learn and contribute to hacking COVID-19 for reference. With our IronHacks platform, you can put what you learn to the test for a chance and make a difference in Tippecanoe and Marion County!

Register today at https://ironhacks.com

IronHacks Team
IronHacks Team
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